Passion to Profession

Wornden Ly
Business Communication / Photography Minor

Wornden, a Business Communication major who graduated in 2019, chose a variety of coursework and student activities that fit his interests and passions.

Wornden Ly, a community college transfer student and Business Communication major/Photography minor, appreciates the variety of his coursework when it comes to his long-term career goals. He has been able to shape his class schedule to follow his personal interests while working toward a fulfilling career.

“I am learning to do so many things while becoming a more well-rounded person, which helps me stand out when I’m compared to students with similar majors from other schools,” Wornden says. “At Stevenson we are also required to complete an internship before graduation, which gives us the opportunity to get the firsthand experience we’ll need for the workforce after graduation.”

Wornden adds that his favorite class was the Intermediate Photography class he took as part of earning his minor. “Photography is one of my passions and I have decided to combine my major and minor to work toward a career in photojournalism.”

In addition to finding his niche with his coursework, Wornden has found a good place within the student community, as well.

“I’m a transfer to Stevenson, where, in addition to my classes in Business Communication, I’m part of the Men’s Tennis Team, the Photography Club, and the Asian Culture Club,” Wornden notes. “As a member of these organizations, I work on community service projects like Help-Portrait, -which offers free portrait sessions to those who are in need. I volunteer at the Green Spring Racquet Club, teaching children with mental disabilities. I also help out with other university clubs and organizations that need photos. It has shown me the importance of being selfless and caring about others.”

“I have come to learn that at Stevenson, we are a community that shares with other communities. With programs like Mission: I’m Home and other service projects, I’ve come to learn the value of giving back and using my abilities to serve and care about others."
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