Trouble-Free Transferring

Adit Grover
Legal Studies

“With the help of an experienced faculty and staff and a wide range of opportunities, Stevenson has helped in preparing for my career path trouble-free.”

 A transfer student from New Delhi, India, Adit wanted one thing: “to study with the best, and Stevenson was the only university that has a lot of opportunities for its students.” 

Coming from a different education system, the transition was initially difficult for Adit, but he commends his Stevenson mentors and professors for making the transfer experience “smooth and unchallenging,” he remarks. 

Adit’s favorite part of the legal studies major at Stevenson is that it fosters a wide scope of skills, including legal research, writing, and communication. He also enjoys the flexibility Stevenson offers for him to be able to play on the men’s tennis team, and participate in clubs like the Legal Society, while keeping up with classwork. 

Adit has supplemented his education by interning in law firms and NGOs. “These internships and research projects taught me how to put my knowledge and skills into practice. I learned how to communicate and build relationships with people,” Adit says. 

Ultimately, what made Stevenson unique to Adit was the diversity it embodies in its programs, clubs, and extracurriculars, but most importantly in its people. “SU fosters an engaging and collaborative environment and builds well-rounded students,” he comments. 

“SU fosters an engaging and collaborative environment and builds well-rounded students.”
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